Laura Connor's 13th summer suddenly switches from boring to magical flying mayhem when her favourite Pegasus model, Flash, comes to life during a violent thunderstorm. Follow their adventures as fantasy collides with reality and Laura tries to keep her two-hand-high, walking, talking, flying equine a secret from the rest of the world!

In this second book in the “Pocket Pegasus” series, Flash – the talkative magical tiny winged horse – is settling into his new life with Laura Connor. Laura finds it increasingly difficult to keep him hidden from her parents as she shuttles him in her backpack to the stable, to the zoo, and even to school. Flash wants to protect his new friends in the Turtle Creek Triad – a secret pact Laura and her best friends Krissy and Todd had formed – and steps in to help when there's danger from a schoolyard bully and Todd's troubled father. But when Flash becomes desperately ill, Laura and her friends must make the most difficult decision of their lives...

“What a fun read! If only Susan Stafford-Pooley's novels about the diminutive Pegasus, Flash, had been around when I was a horse-obsessed kid; they most certainly would have been among my favourites!
~ Nikki Tate, author of
The StableMates Series

In this third book in the “Pocket Pegasus” series, Flash has become a beloved member of the Connor household. With the winter holidays approaching, Laura suddenly begins having terrifying dreams, vivid nightmares which threaten to tear a hole in the fabric between two worlds. Can the Turtle Creek Triad protect Flash from the evil Elysian wizard who seeks to destroy him?


Pocket Pegasus Books
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